Bag Tags

How it works…

When you join the MDGA, you’re given a tag with a number, the top 25 numbers (1st through 25th) are yellow, and the remaining tags are red. These tags clip right onto your disc golf bag (or a key chain if you’re bagless), and members play for these tags throughout the season.

Anytime you’re out for a round, and at least one other MDGA player is present, you can challenge, and agree to play for tags. You then carry on as normal, and the player with the best score for the round, receives the lowest tag up for grabs. If more than two members are competing, then the player who shot the second best round receives the second lowest tag, and so on.

This doesn’t have to be for entire rounds specifically, it can also be for any other ‘competition’ that you jointly agree is challenging enough to put your tags up for grabs; long drive, closest-to-pin (CTP), etc.

What’s the point?

The main objective is to get the number 1 tag, but to what end? Well, none really. You get to brag about it, you’ll be the envy of all your friends, and the number one target of every disc golfer in the Maritimes. Not really, but it is a really fun way of adding a bit of friendly competition to your rounds. The tag you own is not an indication of your ranking in the MDGA, just a fun way of getting involved with other players.

Do you have to accept a challenge?

Technically, no, of course not. There are a number of valid reasons why you wouldn’t want to (don’t have enough time for a whole round, injury, dolphin invasion) but remember, this is just for fun. The tags are meant to change hands, otherwise, where is the fun in chasing the higher tags? If you happen to lose a challenge, and get stuck with a higher tag, make a game of it, to see how far lower you can make it by the end of the season. Because of the nature of disc golf, strange things sometimes happen, and a less experienced player can have a great day while a competing seasoned pro has a bad one, and the new guy wins a nice low tag. They’re not allowed to just refuse to play for it because they want to keep it.

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