We at the MDGA put a lot of our time and effort into our cause of growing and promoting the sport of disc golf in the Maritime provinces. As a low cost activity, with endless opportunities for excitement and camaraderie, we believe that disc golf is the perfect pastime to get outside and just enjoy nature while spending time with friends and family. We host tournaments through the region, the number of which has gone from 6 annually to almost 40 in 2017, and all of these events are put on by volunteers. We hold information and teaching sessions at local schools as an initiative to get children active, outdoors, and involved in a community based sport. We have ambitious growth plans for the next few years and to achieve these goals, we need the support of the communities we’re working to improve.

If you would like to participate in our sponsorship program, see the infographic below for information pertaining to that, and then contact one of the board members in your area, or email us and we will graciously make it happen.

If you are an individual, who just wants to help a socially conscious, active, and healthy organization grow disc golf, please feel free to donate to our cause through a PayPal donation of any amount. Individual contributors who donate before our seasons Caddy Book gets printed will also be mentioned as a friend of disc golf, and have our sincere gratitude.

All donations will receive an invoiced receipt for tax purposes (that’s why we ask for your address).