First Birdie of the Season! (and it was a bash!!)

After the longest winter in recent memory we finally had a real day of disc golf!  Our good friend and board member Matthew Gudger hosted a Vibram Birdie Bash in Fredericton. There was even exposed grass on the ground.  Yes it’s true you had to wear rubber boots and pack extra socks but absolutely nobody complained.  It was blissful.

The birdie bash is a great first of the year event.  You don’t keep score in the regular way, in fact you only have to worry about making it in two shots or less.  Points are scored by hitting metal, aces or birdies.   After 2 shots you pick up your disc and move on therefore nobody can really get into serious trouble.  The catch is, everybody uses two brand new discs from Vibram.  Vibram is not the most popular product out there so many players have never used them at all, in fact Vibram is a rubber company who came into being in order to form better climbing shoes.  Some years later they are taking their technology into different forays, one of them being the disc golf world.  Personally I think this is a great way for them to encourage new players and showcase their product, even though I am not sure any of their discs will make there way into my travelling bag, I did however like the feel of their putters.  (I also freely admit that I did not do my homework and picked my discs blindly).  The event is well put together with the TD having to shoulder very little of the burden of organizing the event or fronting a bunch of money out of pocket.  You can only do these events early in the season, so if you or your group is interested in this, I would highly recommend it.  There are multiple prizes given out, a spirit award, and a nice players pack.  For 40$ it is well worth it.  I would expect someone in our group to do one again next year.

This was also our first promotional event of the year (the ice bowl was just before our incorporation).  The MDGA now has 16 members.  That means 16 tags are out there and the bag tag game has begun.  Going into the day our number 3 was hot and our number 6 threw the hottest round of event.  At the end of the day number 3 went home as number 14, and number 7 is now number 3. There was lots of change everywhere, I am happy to say the tag game is going strong and friendly competition is in full swing.  We are roughly one month away from the first tour stop so keep checking in and we’ll let know about all things that have to do with disc golf in the Maritimes!!