In the Beginning

Today is kind of like Christmas for me.  I am not opening any presents and I haven’t put up decorations but today still feels like a gift.  Today I am posting on the MDGA website.  We are officially a not for profit organization and we are making disc golf happen in the Maritimes.  I couldn’t be happier.

I guess to try and express just how happy I am you need to know a little bit about me.  My name is Ben Smith.  I am a disc golf-a-holic.  I will always be a disc golf-a-holic.  Lucky for me its more of a blessing then a curse.  The MDGA is like a dream come true for me.  Not that it is just my dream, in fact that is what makes it so dream-like.  I have others who share this passion in life and here we are, in the Maritimes, organizing ourselves for the greater good.  This site is but one of our accomplishments.  Last year we held a professional tour.  I was co-winner.   Other people that I had never met before came out and played, and often beat me.  I love it so much!!!  This year we are going to do it again, but even bigger and better this time.  You see I grew up in the Maritimes but have spent most of my adult life living in a city somewhere else.  in 2001 I accidentally bought my first disc golf disc and played my first disc golf course (on purpose) the next day.  Life hasn’t been the same since.  In fact since that day in Denver Co. almost 14 years later I have played almost 100 courses.  When I came back to the Maritimes there were no real disc golf courses with baskets, so I built one.  In fact I built 2 permanent courses with baskets.  I have plans to build more.

This site represents another step on our journey.  We hope it becomes a place for information on the Maritime disc golf scene.  A place to discuss our game and debate the direction we want to take it.  A place we can connect with other disc golfers and help showcase this amazing game to those who already love it and to those who are about to love it.

So here we are.  Feels like Christmas morning.  The Maritimes are on the map.  Now lets see just where this thing takes us….


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