New, Notes, and Next Up – Sixth Tee Edition

What a month it has been!  Thanks to you the 2018 Canadian Championships will be the biggest disc golf event in Canadian history! As it stands right now we have 28 spots left on the open side, and 22 spots left for the Ams.  We are fully expecting a sellout.  We couldn’t be more excited.  With that being said let’s talk a little more about what your nationals week will look like.

In case you haven’t seen our current schedule here it is:

Monday, September 10, 2018
4:30pm Drop in Doubles at “Huck it” Disc Golf course in Middleton, PEI
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
1:30pm Drop in Doubles at Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf Course
4:30pm Women’s Clinic with 4x PDGA Women’s World Champion Paige Pierce at the Dieppe Disc Golf Course in Dieppe, NB
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
– 3:30pm
Flex start C-Tier @ the Huck-it Disc Golf Course in Middleton, PEI from 9am-3:30pm
4:30pm Workshop with 4x PDGA Women’s World Champion Paige Pierce and 2017 USDGC Champion Nate Sexton at 4:30pm @ Huck-it in Middleton, PEI
Thursday, September 13, 2018
– 3:00pm
Flex start C-Tier @ Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf Course in Bonshaw, PEI from 8:30-3:00pm
4:30pm Central Coast Disc Gold presents “Champs vs Chumps” @ Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf
Course in Bonshaw, PEI @ 4:30pm

Friday, September 14, 2018
– 4:30pm
Round 1 Canadian National Championships
All Pro Divisions at Hillcrest Farm
All Am Divisions at Huck it Disc Golf
Saturday, September 15, 2018
– 4:00pm
Round 2 Canadian National Championships
All Pros at Huck it Disc Golf
All Ams at Hillcrest Farm
– 10:30pm
Saturday Night Banquet @ Lord’s Seaside Cottages
Sunday, September 16, 2018
– 5:30pm
Round 3 Canadian National Championships
All Pros at Hillcrest Farm
All Ams at Huck it Disc Golf
Closing Ceremonies @4:30 @ Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf Course

There is a very good chance we will add at least one more event during the week, most likely on Tuesday afternoon. If you have been checking the registered players list you will see we have a bounty of pros and at least one more of them may want to offer a workshop.

For those of you not familiar with flex-starts they are one round single events that you can play at anytime during the posted hours as long as you have at least 3 players in your group.  You register before hand then on the day of the event you can play with players of any division as your personal carded score is the only thing that matters.  Prizes for the flex starts will be given out at the Saturday banquet.

Just a note for non-maritimers or those who struggle with geography – the Paige Pierce workshop on Tuesday in Dieppe is on the mainland (New Brunswick).  Registration for that and the flex start will open up in 6-8 weeks from now once we have a few more details secured.

We have been getting a lot of interest in the “Champs vs Chumps” event, and honestly we are not surprised.  The two champs and details on “How to be a chump” will be made available in the May 1st update after we have sat down with Central Coast at the Glass Blown Open.

Since all players will be given tee times, we will be hosting a player’s meeting on Thursday night in Charlottetown at 8 pm. The location will be made public next month as well as we are now looking for a sweet spot that will hold all 280 of us! We are pretty sure we have found it but again it’s best to iron out the details before making it public.

The Saturday night banquet at Lords is coming together nicely.  We will have a ton of good food and prizes to give away while we are there.  It will be a great opportunity for all of us to be together and enjoy the best of what we have to offer on the east coast, namely food, music, warm water, and sandy beaches.  Parking will be strategic so we are asking people to carpool as much as possible.  We do have a long entrance lane so be prepared to do a bit of walking.  Dress comfortable, bring a hoodie and a camp chair if you have one, and at least one disc as we will have a few ‘ring of fires’ to play while we are all together.  We will also have a small ‘vendor village’ on site too so if you have something you want to sell please get in contact with our TD, Benjamin Smith ( ).  Food will be served starting around 6pm.  Please let us know if you have any special dietary restrictions or food allergies.

We are also trying very hard to be a ‘green’ event.  Portable water stations will be set up on the courses and players are encouraged to bring reusable things whenever possible.  We are working on putting reusable water bottles in everyones players pack too.  Both courses are set on beautiful farmland and we hope everyone subscribes to the policy of ‘leave nothing but footprints behind’.  So if you pack it in prepare to pack it out.

Depending on how the first two rounds go we may bump up the Sunday start to 7 am so we can have the vast majority of the players done in time to see the final round of the MPO top card.  The aim is to have the closing ceremonies at the Hillcrest clubhouse at 4:30pm Sunday evening.

As we have mentioned many times before Hillcrest is a gem of a course.  It is a John Houck designed beauty with both long and short tees that offer a variety of challenging and fun shots for players of all kinds.  As our good friend once said, “it’s the most fun you will ever have shooting in the sixties.” Of course you can insert your own number here based on your skill level, but either way you’ll be in for a good time. There is lots of information out there on Hillcrest on both DG course review or the PDGA website, or you can find the full story here: .  However our second course is a bit more of a mystery for most people so we’ll do our best to give you a little rundown for the Huck It Disc Golf Course.

The Huck It Disc golf Course is located at 1517 Newton Road, Middleton, Prince Edward Island. Some maps may call it ‘Kinkora’ but it really is in Middleton.  Owned and operated by Charlie Mccardle, an 8th generation PEI farmer.  Even though their family line can be traced back to their landing on PEI in 1833 they are still considered ‘come-from-aways’ by the locals. Charlie was a long time tree planter and fairly new to disc golf when he moved home and started playing at Hillcrest. He was soon inspired by what the Best family had done and realized that he himself had the land to make something similar… and he was he right!

His course is nestled in 50+ acres of rolling woods surrounded by farm fields. It’s beautiful mixed wood mature acadian forest is interrupted only by a beautiful meandering river.  Four homemade (but very safe) bridges span that river and offer a wonderful charm that is a luxury to find on any disc golf course.  The trees that were cut to make the fairways became bridges, benches, and unique features for the course.  All tee pads are concrete with lots of space and signage.  Although the par is not set yet the aim is end up around 60.  There are many beautiful shots and challenging positions and one signature hole that is sure to make some enemies.  The course is open to play right now informally.  The club house is pretty simple and not all the baskets are permanent yet.  There is still some cleaning to be done but we are completely confident that it will be ready in lots of time for nationals.  Both of these courses are pay to play, the first of their kind in the maritimes.  More info on this course and pictures will follow sometime this summer.  If you would like to see some pictures in the meantime and are on instagram check out Huck It @huckitdiscgolf or the Maritime Disc Golf Association #maritimedga

One last note for you travellers, if you are coming by plane and you haven’t booked your ticket don’t forget to call our travel agency at 1 800 565 5404.  They can help you secure the best deal out there and they have been very generous to us by supplying goodies for the players pack.  If you are driving don’t forget that you have to pay to leave the island (that’s how they get you!) so make sure you save at least 48$ CAD for the trip home.  

Spring is here so take off a layer, have fun and throw often.


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