News, Notes, and Next Up – Second Tee Edition

Happy December everybody!  Do we have some good news for you?  Why yes, thanks for asking!  Two of our favourite pros will be joining us for the 2018 Canadian Nationals, Welcome to the Maritimes 4x Women’s Pro Open World Champion, Paige Pierce, and the 2017 USDGC champion, Nate Sexton.

Paige turned Pro in 2009 and has been on a quite a run ever since.  She won the 2011 Canadian Disc Golf Championship and her first ever PDGA World Championship title in 2011 and has won Worlds in every odd year since,  (13′,15′, and 17′).  Her infectious smile and passion for the game has made her a fan favourite.  Currently ranked as the top-female player in the world, she is a gracious winner and a fierce competitor who represents the game of disc golf in the best possible manner.  Her impact will be felt deeply here for years to come and we are thrilled to have her be a part of this special event.

Currently ranked #3 in the world, Sexton is another fan favourite that we are beyond excited to host.  The 2003 Junior Boys World Champion finally tapped into his beard power and won his major as a pro this year taking the title of United States Disc Golf Champion.  A few years back I was attending a clinic Nate and Paul were hosting and as luck would have it I found myself in a good conversation with Nate and his wife.  We talked about growth of the game, women in sport, and what we could do to make a positive impact.  Since that day Nate and I have been discussing a way to have him experience what the Maritimes has to offer and I can happily say that day has arrived.  Soon we will be able to answer the question, “would Nate be able to flick a firebird to the pin from here?”  Hole 7 at Hillcrest is waiting….

Each Pro will be hosting a workshop during national’s week.  We also have some other goodies planned too and we will be sure to let you know the details when it’s time.

In other exciting news we have a new major sponsor.  Welcome back Upstreet Brewing!  Although Upstreet has only been around for a few years they have done a ton to give back to the community.  The provincial government recently recognized them as a certified ‘B Corporation’ which is a title that signifies they are using their force for good positive social and environmental change in the world.  Also they make great beer!  Look for year long specials at Upstreet for MDGA members and week long specials for Nationals.  Our players meeting and early check-in will also be hosted here on Thursday night.  If this is your first stop when you get to the island your going to have a good time!

We have had a great response to lodging, so great that Lord’s Seaside Cabins are sold out!  Don’t Fret though, as Elayne is still booking cottages for us in the surrounding area so give her a call at 1.888.228.6765 .  We will also have additional lodging in Charlottetown but we will fill you in on the details in the new year.  Don’t forget if you are flying you can book your tickets through our sponsors at the Travel Store 1.800.565.5404.  We are trying to make your travel plans as easy as possible so all you have to do is get here.

Things have been moving along smoothly on our end.  The MDGA has hosted a couple of wildly successful fundraiser events.  Never underestimate the power of $2 SYN shots….  This month we are going to give away a Stoke (black and yellow) Dynamic Disc Ranger bag, which will be filled will the same discs as in Paige Pierce’s bag.  Look for it on the Maple Disc Golf Waffles Page here:

Happy winter disc golfing everybody!  Let’s keep this thing flying!




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