News, Notes, and Next Up – Third Tee Edition

Hello folks!

For those of us in the north welcome to the winter disc golf season. Keep warm and throw often. We will keep this update brief so we can all go back to warming our hands by the fire.

Lets start this off by getting a little more excited about our featured ‘pro’ course with some words from the maker himself:

Internationally renowned course designer John Houck designed our main course, Hillcrest Farm, and we recently asked him for some feedback on it since his recent visit this past summer. John replied with “I put Hillcrest Farm in my personal top tier of courses I’ve been involved with. It’s in the same league as the Selah courses, Harmony Bends, and Frost Valley, for example. It has some of my favorite holes, and I think it matches my best work as far as challenge, fun, fairness, variety, and beauty. And, like any top-rated course, it has that additional “X” factor – there’s just something about the place and the people that lets you know you’re about to have a special experience, even before you step onto the course. We’re very excited that Hillcrest farm will be hosting the Canadian Nationals, and we’re glad to know that a whole new group of players will get to experience the magic of the venue the Best family has created.”

We have had a lot of interest from Pros from all over the world and we are expecting a great turnout. We have been in talks to add a third course if needed and our group is committed to making 2018 the biggest and best Canadian Nationals to date. As mentioned in a previous update the main cottages at Lord’s Seaside Cabins are all booked, but you can still call Elayne (1 888 228 6765) to have her book you a cottage close by. We have also been working on lodging in the city of Charlottetown. We will update you as soon as this has been finalized.

We have also had some great success with local sponsors and we are happy to share these good folks with you, when you are in town be sure to check out as many of them as you can.  Many more will be added in the coming months.

Dynamic Discs is our plastic provider and partner in bringing Nationals to the east but here are some of our more local supports:

You already know our main sponsor but just to refresh your memory or to wet you whistle:

Upstreet Craft Brewing

Do you love Escape Rooms?  Well here are two you can check out, first on the island:

 Room Escape Cavendish

or on the mainland (Moncton, NB):

Mystery Moncton Mystère

Want some Brew Supplies?  Here is Atlantic Canada’s biggest and best supplier:

Everwood Ave. Brew Shop

Need travel?  Here is our go to:

The Travel Store

Love bikes?  So do these guys:

MacQueen’s Bike Shop & Island Tours

In the city of Summerside, PEI, check in for after round relief at:

O’Shea’s Pub & Eatery

And of course or friends on the seaside:

Lord’s Seaside Cottages

We have been getting great fundraising initiatives from many of our clubs all throughout the Maritimes. This project will truly be a maritime wide effort.  We have multiple winter fundraising events planned as well as some more raffles.   We will be releasing our full calendar in about 30 days if you are interested in some more local goodies. Until that time have a great month! We will update you again soon.


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