News, notes, and next up!

Welcome to the first instalment of our monthly news, notes, and next up section.

The Main Sponsor:

Let’s kick this round off with some important news; we have a main sponsor!  It’s always a pleasure to announce our favourite company is going to be the principle sponsor of our biggest event and that is what we are doing today.  Dynamic Discs is back again teaming up with the MDGA to make great things fly in the Maritimes.  With Dynamic Disc’s goodies around you know your player’s pack will be worth its weight in gold.

The Name:

We are also very excited to announce that our A Tier event will be named “The Nor’easter” and will become an annual event going forward from this year’s National Championships.  It will be known informally as Canada’s biggest ‘eh’ tier.  

Folks from around here know there is no storm quite like a Nor’easter, and no event quite like ours.  Storm chips will be provided in the case of an actual Nor’easter. 

The Courses:

The Nor’Easter will feature two amazing permanent courses located 25 km apart in the heart of Prince Edward Island.  The 5-star pro layout at Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf course in Bonshaw will be the professional player’s main home (2/3 rounds) but in addition we are pleased to announce that the, “Huck-it Disc Golf Course” in Middletown will be ready to play in plenty of time for nationals.  Once you experience this beauty it will make leaving the island that much harder.  This course is a privately owned gem, built, designed, and maintained by local island disc golfer and farmer, Charlie Mccardle.  Amateur players will play their Friday and Sunday rounds here while getting a crack at the Hillcrest Farm short tees on Saturday.

The Video Crew:

We are all very happy to announce that Central Coast Disc Golf has been contracted to provide next day videos of the lead card(s) on all three rounds.  Want to gain some fame in the disc golf?  Play your way to the top of the MPO division, but you’re going to have some world-class competition to get there (more on that at a later date).

Next up: Fundraiser Random Draw Time

At the start of each month, and sometimes in between, we are going to post up a sweet item(s) we’ve got and give you 50 numbers to win it.  Each number is 10$ or 3 numbers for 25$.  Once those 50 are spoken for we’ll spin the big wheel and send the prizes to their new homes.  First up on the block a brand new Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket delivered to your home.   In our opinion these are best portable baskets on the market and a great first step for anyone who wants to spend the winter channelling their “inner Ricky”.  Check out the Maple Disc Golf Waffles page on Facebook – watch for it soon.  To be a member of the raffle group click here:




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