Par for the course

For those of us who grew up in the old school of disc golf there was only ever one par: 3.  Yes 3 was the magic number for every hole.  It didn’t matter if it was 100 feet or 1000 feet you kept score relative that wonderful little number 3.  But that was a simpler time when disc golfers threw nothing but rocs and eagles, and maybe tee birds if you were into that sort of thing.  Times they are a changing’ and the disc golf world is nothing if not adaptable.  So with more creative design than ever before disc golf courses are embracing the ‘traditional’ golf world’s guidelines and using varying pars.  But there is a par that we are not using but really should be; par 2’s.

Now I can hear the opposition, “An ace would only be 1 under par!”.  That is true but par 2’s are an excellent way to make a tactful use of a small space.  Standing on a tee with only 90 feet of fairway between you and the basket changes your mental game in subtle ways that might surprise you.  Do you go for the glory and run the ace? Or do you lay up and make sure you get an easy par?  Would you do the same if you were playing a par 3 and this was your second shot?

A major advantage of  disc golf is that we can use spaces that are too small or tight for regular golf.  We have the ability to covert the best features of the land into interesting holes.  Par 2’s can be a nice addition to your course when the situation calls for it, so next time instead of just dead-walking down that foot path put a basket at the end of it and throw your way there.  Just try not to be too mad when you take a bogie 3!


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