We adhere to all the rules set in place by the PDGA, so we’ve linked their official documents (PDF, it’ll open in a new window, or you can right click and save) below.

Official Rules & Regulations of Disc Golf – Professional Disc Golf Association

The above is just the following in one book. If for some reason you don’t want the Competition Manual, or only want the Competition Manual, they’re both listed below separately.

PDGA Official Rules of Disc Golf – this is the meat, and what most people will likely be looking for. It’s broken down into general rules, how to play the drive and the following shots, rules surrounding the throw, and a quick rundown of the tournament specific rules.

PDGA Competition Manual for Disc Golf Events – this is for those of you who compete in sanctioned events and covers much more of the tournament procedures, how players are classified by divisions, and general code of conduct.


And, they’ve conveniently also got the rules translated into a number of languages.

French    |    Spanish    |    Japanese    |    Russian    |    German

Finnish    |    Estonian    |    Czech