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We here at the MDGA love school.  Not just because a bunch of us are teachers and we can spend 60 straight days of summer disc golfing, but rather because schools in our area have been a huge supporter of disc golf.  As it stands right now 10 local schools have discs and baskets, 3 local schools have their own disc golf courses, and several more are in the process of doing the same.  In our opinion it only makes sense to teach disc golf in schools as our game can be played for life by just about anyone regardless of gender, ability, or wealth.  Disc golf may not be perfect (it probably is though) but it is certainly perfect for the Maritimes.  So with that in mind we would like to let you know about a few school related events we have coming up.

The “Spring into Golf Series” is an initiative spearheaded by Greensmith Contracting and supported by the MDGA.  It is set to take place in 5 areas we have identified as key places for the growth of our sport.  The first 2, Bridgewater and Bible Hill, Nova Scotia have built courses in 2016 and our focus there is on getting the public, starting with students, using these courses.  The second 2, Dieppe and Petitcodiac, New Brunswick are in the process of finalizing disc golf courses that will be built very soon.  The last, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia is in the early stages of exploring disc golf.  In all 5 of these places our organization is working hard to show just how amazing this game is and to give people first hand experience for a game they can enjoy for life.

A little about each event:

First up is Bible Hill April 8th.  Last year Bible Hill Junior School (741 College Rd) built what may be the Maritimes most successful school course.  This 9 hole (10 basket) course is a short but technical course that has a tone of potential for learning the game and playing Safari holes.  Although the kids at this school are using discs and playing the game almost everyday there is still an opportunity here to bring together a bigger player base including some of the other schools nearby who have recently bought discs and baskets.  So from noon to 4 PM on Sat we will be doing a disc golf demonstration followed by 2 rounds of play.  The cost is free to play with your own discs, otherwise there will be discs for sale or borrow on site.

After that there will be a school only disc golf session at the site of the new course in Dieppe on Friday, May 21st.  Public events will follow after the course has been installed which at this time seems like mid May.

Next Up Petitcodiac May 4th.  This is a strictly in school  teaching day where many students from the Petitcodiac school will be invited to the site of their potential course.  A public demonstration day will be held later in the month (May 27).

After that our biggest school related event will take place May 12 during the day at Park View Education Centre in Bridegwater.  Again an in house school day will be offered to as many students as possible until 330.  Then we move the baskets over to Osprey Ridge Golf club for a public event starting at 4 pm.  From 4-5 we will be throwing discs on the driving range and teaching anyone in the area the game and techniques of disc golf.  A 9 hole course will be set up using the traditional ball golf course layout.  The valley players will move their “League Night” here for this week only to try out the golf course.  Players will be charged a green fee to play for the evening and there is even talk of another ball vs disc event that night.  The next day we will host a 3 disc challenge at the MARC disc golf course from 1-4 pm that is open to the public.  Discs will be for sale on site.

The final school related event will take place in Tatamagouche Nova Scotia.  Another free afternoon session, open to the public will be held at Nelson Memorial Park from noon – 4 pm (holiday) Monday, May 22nd.  A series of after school teaching session will held twice a week following this session.

Our goal is to grow this game anyway possible and we see the schools as a fundamental stepping stone in the path forward.  Though all of these events are geared towards beginners there will be options for experienced players to compete against each other.  So if you are around any of these places at the dates mentioned we would love to see you.  Bring your kids, your parents, your fiends, and even your foes and try out the best game you have yet to play.

See you on the course(s)



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