The History of MDGA Courses: # 2 New Minas

Located in the beautiful and well used Lockhart & Ryan Memorial Park this course is probably the Maritimes best and most complete free public disc golf course.

Established in the fall of 2012 the course has seen some minor readjustments to facilitate public co-use but has overall stayed true to its original challenging layout.  There are several ‘signature’ holes but 1, 10, 16 and possibly 12 stand out, although what is now number 4 is wonderful addition that was made permanent after being featured quite successfully in an Iron Leaf (MDGA tour final).  This course is really made complete by the wide variance in holes; 1 and 2 force good, accurate drives through a series of trees with OB looming to your left.  Precision is key here not only to make birdies but to avoid unfortunate bogies to start.  Holes 3, 4, and 5 all open up but continue to challenge you with OB near each basket.  Number 3 plays long as it’s over 300 feet but steeply up hill on the left with an OB road that runs up through to the next basket.  Pars are satisfying here to all but the top pro players.  Number 4 is your classic island hole with a drop zone in case you don’t stick it on the green off of your tee shot.  Hole 5 plays downhill but with a rock lined OB less than 30 feet below the basket, players must still use caution off the tee pad.

Holes 6 through 11 all return to tree filled fairways and reward good drives.  Playing with a local here can probably save you a stroke or two as they can help you avoid some not so obvious danger.  The back nine (or more accurately the back 7) tighten up considerably and severely punish the player who misses the fairway.  Many of the baskets on these holes are blind to you off the tee.  Even hitting the fairway with your tee shot does not guarantee a par as sight lines for these holes are very tight and bad angles often lead to several 30 foot par putts per round.  Most of these holes are under 300 feet but are strategically placed to take advantage of the modestly used walking paths.  Although this is a co-share park, the disc golf portion is well established and seems to benefit form responsible users on all ends of the park-use spectrum.  Quite possibly the favourite hole on the course is 16 which suggests a big spike hyzer route over the OB beach volley ball court.  The basket is placed roughly 30 feet up at the top of a steep sand hill with trees densely packed behind it.  It’s also the last true ace run you get so that probably adds to the enjoyment level.  The known course record is 47 but most every player you talk to considers it to be a good day when you break par here.  This course is the traditional tour stop final sometime in October. It is also home to one of the Maritime’s first true clubs, the orange and cameo calf “Bushwacker Disc Golf Club”.   Summer daytime playing here can be sometimes tricky as this park is used for lots of other things when it’s nice out.  Playing with a local will help you find some of the tees quicker but for the most part, other than tee # 8 by the road, this course is reasonably easy to navigate your way around even on your first attempt.   Overall this is a very fun disc golf course that you look forward to every time you get the chance to play it.

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