The History of MDGA Courses: # 3 Fredericton

Nestled in the heart of one of Eastern Canada’s sweetest little cities is the equally wonderful O’Dell park.  Filled with an abundance of mature trees and trails this park has long been a favourite space for locals.  Over the last few years mountain biking and disc golf have found their own spaces in O’Dell have helped grow their respective sports.  This 9 hole course is the smallest but most accessible of all the Maritime courses.  There are alternate tees pads (red and whites) denoted by coloured boards on the ground.  Tee signs are lacking here so playing with a local definitely helps especially considering the locals play a modified course that better maximizes the space.  Still, even if you find and play the ‘official’ layout this course can be a lot of fun.  The signature holes are probably 1 and 18 but many holes offer fun ace runs and make use of the fantastically mature and infinitely climbable pine trees.  Many of the top disc golfers in the world start on courses very similar to this; free open park with accessible shots for beginner level players that lends itself to tougher variations as players mature.  Fredericton has a healthy disc golf scene and it would be a surprise to no one if the city were to open up an additional location in the very near future.  The known course record here is 42 but a serious pro could certainly aim for a score in the 30’s.  Overall this a nice walk-in-the-park type of course that players of all skill level will find enjoyable.


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