The History of MDGA Courses: #6 Hammonds Plains Disc Golf

Established in 2015 the Hammonds Plains Course is currently Halifax’s only disc golf course. It is now a unique 18 basket course (plus practise basket) with several alternate tees pads for fun.  The regular course lay out offers experienced players various ace runs from start to finish while still being both challenging and fun to play. This course was put in with a very strong community effort and very little capital cost. Constant improvements are underway as we work our way towards alternate tee pads for every hole.  Still, as it stands even at this moment HPDGC is sweet spot to chuck some discs. Holes 1 and 2 make good use of a rarely used road to set up reasonable birdie tries if the player doesn’t get caught in the thick woods that line each side of the fairway. Hole 3 is a long S curve with the same woods that create far more bogies than birdies, although this holes gets easier with practise. New hole 4 lets you rip it at a wide open shot with some trickiness.  A double mando between the power poles 35 feet in front of the basket awaits for hole 6. From there on out it’s Ace run time through birdie-ville!   Holes 6-18 are all surrounded by semi-mature forest so drives that miss early can result in devastating bogies. The current signature hole is the island hole.  Coming in just over 100 feet it surprisingly fun for being short.   There is a drop zone 35 feet from the basket if you fail to hit the island off the tee.  Lots of the hole numbers will change as the course evolves but it is safe to say the nucleus of this course will remain in tack. A single player can play this course in about an a hour or you can easily spend the day out here and get something different from the course every time you go around the circuit. The current course record here is 48, or 7 under, although the former course record was an astonishing 14 under with 2 aces!!  Speaking of Aces, they have been plentiful here and will surely continue to rise as the game itself grows in the region.  League nights are Monday at 600 from May to October and various other events are run here year round.


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