What are Benefits of Joining the MDGA and the PDGA

My PDGA# is 14829 My kids are 83882 and 83883.  So what does that mean and who cares?

First, let me say I encourage you all to become a PDGA Member for the 2016 season. You will save money at our events, as non-members you will have to pay an extra $5 to the PDGA per event. (That is going to be $10 in 2017, the MDGA is currently subsidizing you)   If you attend all of the events or even 4-5 it is well worth your money.  A membership to the Professional Disc Golf Association will cost $50 for an Amateur $30 for a Junior ( under 18)  you will receive a Stamped Disc, and a Personalized Mini, plus your membership card, stickers, as well you get a subscription to Disc Golfer Magazine.  there are other benefits like hotel discounts rental care discounts etc.

Once you are a member the PDGA will rate each round you play and keep your stats for life. You will receive a life time PDGA # as well.

The PDGA is a big supporter to the MDGA with donations this year that should top $1500. They give grants for new courses and provide direction as a governing body.

Why join both the MDGA and the PDGA?  

The MDGA is our three province local governing body, and by that I mean we add some consistency to the events and leagues so they are better able to be sponsored or funded.  We provide insurance to all the events, we have been responsible for putting in all the new courses last year, as well up to 6 new ones this year.  The Maritime Disc Golf Association writes the proposals, raises the funds, We advertise and promote your local and regional activities, we support players going to worlds, we organized a Quebec disc golf trip last season, etc etc.

Not only do you have all of this being done for your sport in your provinces,  as a member you get discounted prices on discs, and a Bag Tag Challenge tag. You will also receive priority registration to all events.  That’s a lot for $20.

So its 2016, I have my tag, do you?

Contact the MDGA for membership information

Join the PDGA by clicking here.IMG_1378


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